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Do you stay up late tinkering on a side project?

Or wake up early to plan your day?

Maybe your friends and family think you’re silly for pouring so much energy and passion into your work.

We don’t think you’re silly.

In fact, we know lots of people who don’t. Like Design Life community member Jasmine for example:

“As someone who works remotely, I’ve found the Design Life community to be a great way to connect with folks interested in pursuing cool side projects. People here are so welcoming and happy to provide support and advice, I’m never afraid to ask questions or give thoughts!”

Jasmine Browne

In the Design Life community, people like you come together daily to discuss creativity, side projects and self-improvement.

Whether you’re looking for advice on a project, feedback on your work, wanting tips on how to manage your time efficiently, the Design Life community has hundreds of members who can help you.

Packed with people who have years of industry experience to those starting out in new positions, you’re guaranteed to receive sound advice.

You've listened to the podcast, now you're ready to take your learnings to the next level.


For $9 per month, you’ll get access to:

Community chat

A private Slack workspace for talking to oher creatives, getting feedback on yoru work, business advice and there’s even a book club!


Livestream sessions on design and business topics, sometimes with special guests.

Email digest

We know that keeping up with Slack can be hard, so we send out regular digest emails collating the most important conversations.

Resource downloads

PDF guides and templates that accompany podcast episodes so that you can easily take action on new ideas and processes.

Special discounts

Discounts on design tools and external resources that we’ve secured especially for our community members.

New friends

It’s not often you find 80+ motivated creators in one space. In the community you’ll make new connections & new friends to support you in your career and side hustle.

In the Design life community, you’ll find people who care deeply about your success and want to help you achieve your goals.

Karly was moving to a new city and her new friends in the community were able to give her advice on her job applications and interviews, as well as congratulate her when she landed an ideal job!


“The Design Life Community has become a valuable tool for my creative workflow! I’ve found many resources through the community that I probably would have never found.”

Jayden Sinclair

“I love the community as it’s easy to get advice from seasoned professionals and newbies going through the same process as me. It’s also great to engage in discussions and critiques.”

Drew Luper

“The Design Life community is a fantastic, encouraging place to learn how have a successful creative career. Whether you are a photographer or a designer, a seasoned professional or someone just starting out — there are tons of great resources! White it is heavily focused towards freelance creatives and less about specific, large company roles, the advice and key ideas often easily translate over.”

Kevin Gutowski

Join the Design Life community today

You’ll find people from all different creative disciplines in the community. We’re a group of people spread across the globe, and no matter what level you’re currently at on your creative career you’ll fit right in.

We can’t wait to meet you.


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