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December 11, 2017
106: Boredom

This week we’re talking about boredom. It’s something that strikes us all every now and then and we shouldn’t be ashamed about that. In this episode we discuss the ways it affects us and some possible solutions for dealing with it.

key takeaways

There are two ways out of boredom. Either you do what you can to get yourself motivated again and keep working through your to do list. Or you can embrace the boredom and turn it into time for play or rest.  

Boredom is irrational. We find ourselves wanting to do something, and knowing there are many things we could be doing, but not wanting to do anything in particular. 

Boredom usually strikes when we’re working on mundane, repetitive tasks. When our brain isn’t having to work as hard, our mind wanders and it can be hard to concentrate and push through the boredom to get the task completed. 

Take ownership of your boredom. If you’re bored at work, it’s your responsibility to make sure your job is challenging you. There is always something you can do to change your role slightly, or to shake up the way you complete your work to make it more interesting and more stimulating for your brain.

show timestamps

00:20 - Intro and catch up

06:05 - Our experience with boredom

08:25 - Only boring people get bored?

11:00 -  How we cope when we’re bored

14:00 - Finding meaning in boredom

15:50 - Boredom at work

20:20 - Boredom and creativity

24:30 - Two ways out of boredom

30:20 - Making sure your job is challenging you

33:00 - Last words of advice

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