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February 26, 2018
114: Creators Guilt

Do you ever feel guilty when you're not spending time creating? It turns out, many creatives do. In this episode we discuss this guilt and why it's irrational, and how to cope with it.

key takeaways

Side projects can be a way to round out your creative fulfilment. If your job fills all of your creative needs, that's great! If you're feeling like something is missing though, that's when you should get a passion project.

Comparing yourself to others and their output is never a good idea. Remember that what you see from others online is their highlight reel. Don't allow others to compare you either. What's right for one creative may not be right for another, so don't let anyone else in your life make you feel like you're not doing enough due to what they see others doing.

Take stock of how you're spending your time. Are you spending it on the right things? Is there anything missing? If not, you shouldn't be feeling guilty. if you're happy with how you're spending time that's all that matters, so give yourself a break!

show timestamps

‍00:00 - A message from a listener about creators guilt

02:15 - Catch up

05:10 - Our experience with creators guilt

09:10 - The pressure to have a side project

12:15 - When you need a side project

13:00 - Comparison

17:45 - Dealing with guilt

19:50 - Setting goals

21:45 - Making the time to dedicate towards your projects

25:30 - Avoiding creative burnout

28:00 - Last words of advice

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