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April 23, 2018
119: Setting career goals

Setting goals will help you to achieve your ambitions in life. In this episode we talk about how and why we set goals, and share our goals for the future.

key takeaways

Goals give you focus. They lay out a path for your future, helping you to make the decisions that will help you to move forward with your career. Set time aside to think about your goals and write them down. If you’re not sure where to start, listening to other people’s goals will help to inspire new ideas.

Some goals take longer than others - splitting up your goals into short term and long term categories will help you to be realistic about how long your goals may take to achieve.

Identifying milestones or setting goalposts will help to break your long term goal down into smaller goals.

Set many different types of goals. In this episode, Femke shares that at Uber, she is encouraged to set different goals. One such goal is a ‘citizenship goal’ which contributes to the people around you. Femke’s current citizenship goal is contributing to the Uber design community.

Consider setting a range of goals, that develop both your soft skills and hard skills.

When you achieve a goal, take time to reflect on the journey you took to get there. As time passes the goals you set may change, you might place a different value on your achievements - and that’s okay.

show timestamps

‍00:30 Setting Career Goals

01:16 Catch Up

06:22 Charli’s goal to speak about Design

08:41 Long term Vs Short term goals

10:10 Charli and Femke share their leadership goals

13:30 Goal setting at Convertkit

14:58 Goal setting at Uber

21:30 Setting goals for the future

27:40 Discarding or changing your goals

33: 25 Use your goals to help you focus and gain momentum

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