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July 3, 2018
128: Making time for new side projects

Have an idea for a new side project? With potentially a few already on the go, how do you make time for new side projects without neglecting your current ones? In this episode we talk about how we decide which side project ideas to pursue and how to decide which is worth investing in.

key takeaways

Don’t overthink new side projects as this can often hold you back from starting. It’s ok to just start a new side project without telling anyone or announcing it.

We can’t do everything. Every time you want to bring on a new project, something’s got to give. It’s not possible to get more hours in the day so we need to be mindful about what we take onto our plate.

If you’re feeling guilty neglecting a current side project, it’s worth asking yourself why. Is it the social pressure that’s making you feel this way?

show timestamps

00:00 – Intro and catch up

5:27 – Our experience with taking on new side projects

7:50 – Should I work on a side project or not?

8:50 – When should I start on a side project?

12:00 – Neglecting current side projects

18:20 – Ryan’s ranking system

21:30 – How gut feeling plays into new side projects

22:30 – The influence of those around you

25:25 – Timing and saying No

29:20 – Wrap up

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