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August 27, 2018
135: Productivity in the workplace

On Design Life this week, we talk about productivity in the workplace. Being productive at work is about doing what you need to do to get the job done while also being aware that other people need you. We share what works for us while working in an office and being remote.

key takeaways

Some days won’t be as productive as others. This is okay. If you can prioritise the essential tasks, don’t beat yourself up about not completing the extra things you have on your to-do list. If you find that productivity is consistently low at the same time each day, week or month, look at what external factors you might be able to change to help improve your productivity.

Check your workmates calendar. Have they blocked out some time? Can your question wait until that block of time has passed? Send them a message asking if they have a couple of minutes to chat instead of just showing up at their desk. If you are on the receiving end - be brave. If you are in the middle of a piece of focus work and someone needs your attention, ask them to wait. The first time will be difficult but it will get easier with more practice.

Schedule meetings back to back so that you don’t create pockets of time that are too short to complete meaningful work. If you can’t change the schedule, make a list of the small tasks you can complete in the short pockets of time between meetings.

Mute notifications if they are too distracting or create set times that you check them. If something is truly urgent your co-workers will find another way to contact you.

Remember that in your company you are part of a team. Everyone is working towards a common goal, you are not in a silo. Schedule time to help your co-workers as well as time to work on your own projects. Respect your co-workers time, something that may seem urgent at the time might not be important in the grand scheme of things.

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08.46 – Creativity and productivity

10.24 – Productivity hacks

15.00 – Distractions at work

24.30 – Change your space to increase concentration

26.45 – Using a Bullet Journal at work

29.22 – Comfort in the workplace

31.35 – Questions from the community

34.20 – Communicating with your teammates

38.40 – The key to being productive at work

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