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September 3, 2018
136: Sharing unfinished work

There is still value to be found in sharing unfinished work, but does it really belong in your portfolio? In this episode we discuss sharing unfinished work, when it is appropriate and how to present it in the best light.

key takeaways

Don’t share unfinished work in your portfolio. An example of unfinished work would be if a client you were working with went in a different direction or used another designer. Instead of your portfolio, share that work on Instagram or Dribble. However - if you have completed a project you are proud of that is finished but not launched, a concept project or a school assignment for example, share it. Remember your portfolio is where you put your best foot forward.

It goes without saying, but always make sure you have permission to share your work. There could be consequences if you share your work to people outside the company stakeholders without permission. Just because you haven’t signed an NDA does not mean that you can share your work wherever you like. It is always polite to double check.

An alternative place to share work that is still in progress is during a portfolio review. In an interview setting, if you want to show a particular skill or highlight a tool you used which is relevant, show a piece of work that is still in progress. This might start a really interesting conversation that helps you to stand out in the interview.

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00.00 – Catch up

04.26 – Our take on sharing unfinished work

09.15 – Asking permission

12.50 – Presenting work you are no longer a part of

17.30 – Sharing work in progress

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