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September 10, 2018
137: Personal brand design

Personal branding can feel like an insurmountable task to many designers. Designing a personal brand that communicates personality, style and professionalism is no easy task. In previous episodes we have spoken about the importance of a purposeful personal brand, that accurately portrays who you are as a designer. However in today’s episode we talk about the nitty gritty details of our personal brands, the process we used to create them and how we got over some hurdles along the way.

key takeaways

Remember that a personal brand is personal. Your personality should shine through. What do you enjoy outside of design? Can you show this through your personal brand? Colour, font, elements and design should reflect who you are as a person.

Make the small decisions early and stick with them. Pick a font and colours, and keep to that decision. Personal branding can be a cause of stress for many designers as they try to achieve perfection. Once your brand represents you well, and you’re proud of it, stop stressing.

If you have an existing personal brand, don’t be afraid to update it. If part of your visual identity doesn’t fit anymore, create a draft without that element and see if the design inspiration flows. As a person you have probably changed over time and your personal brand can reflect this.

Stay accountable when you are creating or updating your personal branding. Set a deadline for launch, just as you would with a client. Accountability is key. Share this deadline or personal goal with another designer or a friend and ask them to check in with you on that date if this would motivate you to complete your branding on time.

show timestamps

03.10 – Our personal brands

09.10 – Updating your personal brand

12.35 – Maintaining branding

16.02 – Designing your personal brand

18.14 – Choosing a font

21.53 – Designing for yourself

23.33 – Staying accountable

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