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November 6, 2018
143: 3 Things we recommend right now

As the Design Life podcast approaches its three year anniversary, we record another episode IRL. This week’s episode is a friendly catch up about our work and goals where we talk about some books, podcasts and apps we’re loving right now.

key takeaways

We’ve noticed that our priorities and routines have changed a little over the last year.
We value our time differently now. Side projects that were front and centre before are still important, but we value our health and relationships in a new way.

We’ve learned it’s okay to hustle less. We see a lot of messages that teach us that we’re not valuable in today’s society unless we’re hustling. This simply isn’t true. Taking time to work on our own growth is just as important as maintaining our side hustles.

We want to share three things with you that we’re loving right now; Charli’s chosen the YouTube channel Yoga by Candace, It doesn’t have to be crazy at work by the Basecamp guys, and the Text Expander app. Femke’s chosen the Women at Work podcast by HBR, personal finance/investing tips and the YouTube channel Secure with Serena.

show timestamps

00.00 – Episode introduction

03.00 – Femke’s life update

05.44 – Charli’s life update

07.30 – Feeling conflicted

10.25 – The value of relationships

12.00 – 3 things we’re really enjoying right now

22.50 – Something we have really enjoyed lately

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