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January 22, 2019
149: Weekly Planning

In this week’s episode we talk about something which is pretty on-brand for us - weekly planning. We cover how to plan your week, how to stay motivated and how to get things done. We share what works for us and how we plan to update our scheduling routines this year.

key takeaways

By putting your goals into your calendar you’re making a commitment to follow through with them. Break down the steps you will need to follow through to achieve your goals, put those recurring events like exercise or work on side projects into your calendar so that you don’t schedule something else at that time. Seeing these events in your schedule will help you to commit to them.

If you leave time free in your schedule someone else will fill it. At work, your time will probably be filled with meetings. In response to a question in the Design Life community, the most common answer to the question ‘What causes schedules to crumble?’ was meetings. Block out time in your work calendar so your colleagues know when you are available.

Focus on the most important things first. Consider scheduling the most important tasks for completion between Monday and Thursday. Don’t hang around waiting for motivation to strike, what if it never does? You need to encourage it to happen and scheduling tasks and events can help.

It is easy to feel like you’re failing if you don’t meet your weekly schedule exactly as you had it set out, but it’s important to reframe it. Cut yourself some slack and don’t let pitfalls in your schedule ruin the potential of what you could achieve later on that day or week.

show timestamps

01.12 – Catch up
06.24 – How we plan our weeks
14.08 – Time blocking
17.58 – Motivation in your weekly planning
21.48 – Cutting yourself some slack
25.28 – Creating tasks using email
26.54 – Scheduling at work

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