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March 4, 2019
151: Running Design Sprints

In this episode of Design Life, we discuss running design sprints. In the Product/UX community for the last couple of years, design sprints have been growing in popularity. As a UX designer herself, Femke has run a couple of mini design sprints at Uber and found them useful. We talk about the what, why and how of design sprints and give you the steps you need to introduce them at your workplace.

key takeaways

The goal of a design sprint is to use the design process to ideate, understand and define your project. By bringing together the project stakeholders and involving them in the process, you have a vision for the project and everyone is on the same page by the end of the sprint.

Although design sprints can be done remotely, bringing everyone together is most effective for this kind of activity.

Your design sprint could take 3 days or 5 days, with each day having a specific purpose and a set of steps to guide you through the process. Each stakeholder, no matter their role in the project, has the chance to collaborate and bring their ideas to the group at each step along the way.

A design sprint is not for every project. If you’re working with an expanded team and want to get everyone in a room to work together or you’re working on a very large project and you’re not sure where to start, that is the perfect opportunity to run a design sprint.

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06.42 – What is a design sprint?

11.10 – The right time to run a design sprint

13.24 – The first step

14.22 – Femke’s recent design sprint

19.44 – The benefits of running a design sprint

22.36 – Are design sprints a luxury?

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