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April 2, 2019
154: Goal Setting and OKR's

What is an OKR? How can you best set and achieve goals at work? Join us for today’s episode, as we dive into the topic of goal setting and explore the process we use to help us achieve our goals.

key takeaways

OKRS stands for objectives and key results. To explain simply, OKRS are a measurable way to set goals. At Convertkit, OKRS are set for the company each year, and for the team and members individually each quarter.

Objectives are the overarching things you want to achieve, the key results are all the things that need to be done to meet this objective. When evaluating what was achieved, key results are rated on a scale.

OKRS can be a part of evaluating performance. At Converkit there are three scales, from 1 - 3 with 3 being the best. The percentage of your OKRS that you have achieved dictates where you are on this scale.

At Uber goals are project based. Priorities are set at the beginning of the project, with a list made which is then systematically worked through. Goals are set at the beginning of the year and then revisited half way through the year.

Revisit your OKRS once a week. When you are setting up your to-do list for the week it can be a useful guide to keep you on track. Schedule time to help other team members into your OKRS.
If you are working on a project with another member of your team make sure that you both have the project detailed as one of your objectives

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08.00 – Goals and OKRS
10.00 – OKRs at Atomic
11.10 – Measuring OKRS
14.00 – OKRS and Performance reviews
17.15 – Goal setting at Uber
24.00 – Personal OKRS
26.00 – Revisiting goals

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