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May 13, 2019
158: Job titles, are they important?

Job titles and promotions came up as a topic of conversation for us on Twitter recently and we thought it a topic worth diving deeper into, in this episode of Design Life. Sharing your job title with people gives them an insight into the work you do every day, but what if your title doesn’t reflect your responsibility or autonomy? We discuss the tips we use to explain our work in the best way possible and how you can too.

key takeaways

There is no law that says you have to use the exact title that appeared on your CV. Use the title that reflects your skills and responsibilities in that role. Make sure that your job title communicates to other people what it is you do, based on the current industry knowledge of that job title.

You don’t need a job title to know what your coworker does. At smaller companies everyone wears many hats. Just because it isn’t included in your job title doesn’t mean you don’t do the work. In a larger company, without the titles and levels, it may be harder for everyone to figure out who is responsible for what.

The importance of a job titles depends on what you want to do and where you see yourself in your career. Interview screening panels sometimes check job titles, with only 30 seconds to look at each resume what your title says can make a difference.

Show your growth on your resume. If you got a promotion and extra responsibility, but your job title stayed the same, share your promotion on your CV if you are applying to a company which uses competency based criteria to hire new designers.

We naturally equate someone who is a lead or senior role with someone who has a vast experience and a lot of skills to share. We all bring our own experience with different job titles and when we meet someone new, place our experience of working with people in similar roles on this new person. If you meet a marketing designer, you brain immediately brings to mind any marketing designer you have ever met and you will assume that the two roles are the same, or similar at least.

show timestamps

01.23 – Catch Up
05.03 – Job titles
11.17 – Promotions
14.15 – 10 years as a designer
17.31 – Other people’s job titles
24.20 – Adjusting your title
29.27 – Job titles in your day to day work

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