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March 7, 2016
016: Prioritising tasks for personal projects

At work we have managers, co-workers or clients relying on us to get things done. When it comes to our personal projects we often don’t have the same sense of urgency or deadlines, so how do you prioritise what to work on? That’s what we discuss in this episode. It’s about having accountability within yourself to get things done to help you move towards your goals, not allowing yourself to make excuses, and breaking down tasks into small chunks to get them done. Hear about how we decide what to work on, what tasks we put off as much as possible, and get some brilliant advice from our listeners.

key takeaways

show timestamps

0:45 – Introduction and catch up

4:45 – What are the differences in the way you prioritise your side project tasks compared to at your day job?

7:00 – Sharing your goals with other people and being held accountable

9:50 – Adding due dates to task lists and ‘someday’ projects

13:00 – Making time for projects without set deadlines

15:20 – Advice for getting started with ideas when you don’t have side projects yet

18:00 – Breaking down big tasks into smaller chunks

21:45 – Advice on prioritising from our listeners on Twitter

27:00  – The tasks we always find ourselves putting off

30:45 – Last pieces of advice

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