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May 29, 2019
160: Every creative feels broken inside

This episode comes by way of a talk Charli heard at the How Design Live conference in Chicago. Stephen Gates delivered a thought provoking presentation, about living life as a creative. One question in particular stood out - is our manufactured reality killing the design industry and our creativity? In this episode of Design Life we tease out this topic, and how we see it play out in our lives and in our careers.

key takeaways

On the outside we are constantly hit with messages urging us to be passionate about what we do, but on the inside, we might not be feeling that way. Comparing our insides to everyone else’s outside is exhausting.

It is great to share our success and our goals, online and in person. The problem begins when things aren’t going so well but we don’t share that part of our experience. Other people look at our online output and think the struggles they face must be unique to them, as they don’t see the reality of our own struggles online.

Allowing ourselves the freedom to experiment means acknowledging that not every project can be a winner. Not every piece of work can be the best we have ever produced. If we do not share our failures along with our successes, everyone becomes more afraid to take risks. Seeing just one right way to do things kills creativity.

Be open to trying new things. Try new mediums and show your vulnerability by trying something new. Do it because it is fun and not just because you are trying to create an outstanding centrepiece for your portfolio.

Sometimes we are just regular people on the internet, sharing our day and what is on our mind. Don’t succumb to the pressure to always share value or try to help someone else. If you want to share something on social media but are concerned about receiving unsolicited advice, add an addendum.

show timestamps

03.00 – Catch up
11.00 – Being real on social media
15.30 – Curating social media for your colleagues
19.20 – Is our manufactured reality killing the industry?
22.20 – Picking up new skills
26.00 – The truth, online
28.15 – The repercussions of sharing online

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