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June 25, 2019
162: CEO and designer, Helen Tran

This week we are delighted to share a very special edition of Design Life with you. For this episode we invited Helen Tran who is a Product Designer, hobbyist writer, and the CEO & Founder of Jupiter to tell us all about her journey to becoming her own boss, the importance of teaching and her thoughts on going deep versus going wide.

key takeaways

When you encounter resistance, ask yourself, is this resistance because I’m learning or is it because the experience is interfering with beliefs or values that I have. Be clear about your goals. You will encounter challenges in achieving your goals at some point along the way. Going outside your comfort zone to learn something new can be a challenge however there comes a time when it is important to acknowledge if you are in a situation that doesn’t serve you anymore and you need a change.

Designers, please consider teaching, it can be a great stepping stone into leadership. Teaching has a way of making sure you understand your fundamentals to the bone. Teaching challenges you to package the same information in different ways in order to deliver it to a variety of people, which only makes you more knowledgeable in the origin subject to begin with.

Running a company means being willing to trust. As the company grows, trust that everyone is doing what they should be. Building the mindset that everything is going to be okay can take time. Try not to allow anxieties to spread to your team. Having a partner who you can share your anxieties with is important.

show timestamps

06.00 – Teaching
09.15 – Managing Jupiter
14.20 – Life long learning
21.00 – Going deep V going wide
26.20 – Being your own boss
31.50 – Writing

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