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September 23, 2019
167: Career progression

This week on Design Life we’re talking about a topic that has been on our minds lately - career progression. We have been thinking about the next stage in our careers, and thought you might be interested to hear what steps we have taken to secure the next phase and how we know it is time to have that all important conversation.

key takeaways

When it comes to getting promoted initiative is really important. Keep track of the progress you are making in your role. Document what you have done. Use this evidence of your work and the impact it has had in the company to negotiate the next step in your career.

If your company does not have clearly defined roles to guide you in your career progression, contact your manager and ask them to define the steps. Ask them what it takes to get to the next level and for any feedback on the areas you need to work on. Letting your manager know that you are ambitious can give them the opportunity to guide you with this knowledge in mind.

Career progression doesn’t guarantee both a promotion and an increase in salary. Often the two do come hand in hand but not always. Think carefully about what it is that you want, and where you want to be as you progress in your career so that you can communicate this when the time comes.

Make sure that as you progress in your career, the progress is as you intended. A new title and an increase in salary are great perks but do your tasks reflect your progress. Check that you are spending your day completing tasks that you are good at and that you enjoy, which reflect the areas of your job where you want to be making progress.

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01.04 – Catch up
03.42 – Career progression
11.20 – Figuring out the next step
18.47 – Changing jobs
19.50 – Keeping track of progress

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