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October 7, 2019
168: What to do when your ideas aren't considered

How do you deal with the frustration of people not accepting your ideas? When you share an idea and people brush it off or they don’t agree that it is a good idea, how do you deal with that in such a way that your team understand your disappointment but don’t mark you as a sore loser. In this episode we talk about how we communicate our disappointment and frustrations with our teams, and how sometimes listening can reveal an unexpected solution.

key takeaways

Know that you’re not alone in feeling frustrated that your ideas were not accepted. As creative people, we can be a bit precious about our ideas and we all experience frustration from time to time. It is normal. Practice listening to your team and make sure to deal with it in a professional manner.

Remember that you can revisit your ideas. Maybe part of your idea can be helpful for this project, and part of it can be helpful for another time. Keep a note of your ideas so that you don’t forget them.

Sometimes digging your heels in and fighting for your idea can be a mistake. Ask yourself if now is the time to listen to your team. Take their concerns on board, think about how you can adapt your idea to eliminate their concerns and present your idea again.

When an idea is just dismissed straight off the bat it can be incredibly frustrating. However, when people have a reason which explains why they don’t like your idea or think that it is feasible based on constraints like budget or time, this helps you to understand why it’s not the correct solution for now. Ask for feedback or clarification to help you understand why your idea doesn’t fit.

show timestamps

01.10 – Check in
04.40 – Listener’s letter
11.55 – What to do if this happens to you
17.34 – Accept your idea didn’t make the cut
22.50 – Listen & Learn
25.55 – What to do if your ideas are being shot down more often than not

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