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October 22, 2019
169: Within Design Retreat

In a change to our usual format, this week on Design Life we discuss Femke’s experience of the Within leadership retreat. The three day, design leadership retreat provided plenty for us to discuss, including leading authentically, listening to your inner critic and coaching colleagues to come up with their own solutions.

key takeaways

Often with retreats, what you put in is what you will get out of the experience. Each participant is responsible for making the most of the short time you have to experience all that the retreat has to offer.

Make an effort to connect with new people. Don’t shy away from going to a retreat on your own.
You might find a freedom in not knowing the people around you which may allow you to be more vulnerable than you would be otherwise.

At the Within Retreat, we explored ‘leading authentically’ and the ‘inner critic’ in depth. In some ways the inner critic can hold you back, in other ways it is there to protect you, but at times it does this in a way which is not to your advantage. To explore our inner critic we identified a challenge that we wanted to overcome, we shared this challenge with a peer and then talked about it from the inner critic’s point of view. We explored the 2% truth in what our inner critic was saying, and reframed it.

After this retreat I’m scheduling a time every week to reflect. Every Friday I’m going to schedule 30 minutes to write about my week in my reflective journal. I’ll reflect on what went well, what didn’t go well and what I can do differently next week. I’m also going to place my workbook from the retreat on my desk as a visual reminder of what I learned at the retreat.

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01.18 – Catch up
04.35 – Connecting with other retreat-goers
10.15 – Within Retreat workbook
15.40 – Exploring the inner critic
24.58 – Coaching circles

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