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March 14, 2016
017: Stress management

This week we’re having a heart-to-heart about stress and how we deal with it. We discover that for us a lack of control (be that of technology or other people) is often what stresses us out, along with feeling guilty for taking breaks. We talk about how a certain level of stress can be used as motivation to hustle, but how that can easily tip too far and be paralysing. We share our strategies for coping with stress and talk about learning from our mistakes in order to improve our process and be less stressed in the future.

key takeaways

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0:35 – Intro and catchup

3:15 – What stresses us out

6:14 – Do our day jobs or side projects cause the most stress?

9:35 – Estimating the time it will take to finish a project

11:00 – Feeling guilty when taking a break

13:00 – The importance of planning your time and scheduling down time

17:00 – Burnout and being tired

20:00 – How do you recognise when you’re stressed out?

22:20 – How we cope with stress

24:05 – Saying yes to too many things

26:00 – Trying to do it all yourself

27:10 – Learning from your past mistakes in order to improve your process next time and be less stressed

29:45 – Using stress as a motivator

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