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December 2, 2019
171: Learnings from Adobe Max

In this episode of Design Life we have a special guest joining us, Zach Grosser. Zach joins Charli on the podcast this week as they both attended Adobe MAX 2019, Charli was an Adobe Insider this year and Zach was invited to attend by Adobe as a UX leader. Charli and Zach discuss their key takeaways from this year’s flagship creativity conference.

key takeaways

Meg Lewis was a standout speaker at Adobe MAX this year. Both Charli and Zach mentioned her talk as a highlight of the conference. One stand out quote from Meg - “I’m trying to be myself as much as humanly possible, as much as I can bear, so that I can create a space for other people to be themselves too.” 

M.Night Shyamalan was an unexpected favourite for Zach. In his interview he spoke about the power imbalance between freelancers and large companies, and how the responsibilities companies pass on to the freelancers that they hire isn’t always fair.

Photographer David LaChapelle spoke about the need for rest, particularly for creatives. He said “Your inner voice is your GPS as an artist and you need solitude in order to hear it.” It isn’t always easy to find time for rest but taking a break will help you to come back energised, with a new perspective. 

show timestamps

1.10 – Meet Zach Grosser

3.45 – About Adobe MAX

6.20 – Full Time You, day 1 at Adobe MAX

16.19 – Favourites from day 2

25.00 – the importance of rest

28.28 – Software superstars

31.51 – learning new software

36.45 – Sneaks at Adobe Max

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