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March 9, 2020
178: Performance reviews

Giving and receiving feedback can be tricky. In this episode we talk about performance reviews, which is quite timely as both of us have just finished or are in the process of having ours. We discuss how feedback works on our teams, how this helps us and what we plan to do with our feedback.

key takeaways

Different companies will have different policies and styles when it comes to sharing feedback. Performance reviews are something that we do every six months at Uber, and on a rolling basis at Convertkit with structured feedback once a year and at company retreats.

As an employee receiving feedback, try to reflect on how you can best take your feedback and use it constructively. What action steps can you take from this feedback.Your feedback should be a mixture of positive comments and areas to improve upon.

Continue the conversation by asking those around you for feedback and communicating with them afterwards. Let them know that you appreciate the time they took to give you feedback and how are you going to use their insight to improve your work. Ask for clarification if the feedback you received surprised or confused you.

Try to learn about your team and the ways that they like to get feedback. Perhaps off the cuff feedback works well for them, or maybe they need more time to digest and respond. Delivering feedback in a way that best suits them will help to make your team stronger and more productive over all.

show timestamps

00.30 – Catch up 

05.58 – Performance reviews at Uber

14.22 – Performance reviews at Convertkit

21.25 – Acting on feedback 

24.35 – Making a plan 

29.30 – Next steps

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