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March 21, 2016
018: The role of a side project in your career

Side projects can be an important and useful part of your career path. They can also be a huge distraction from your day job if you let them. In this episode we talk about the impact our side projects have had on our careers and what we’ve gotten out of them from not only an educational perspective, but also for our own personal growth. The itch to work on a certain type of project could mean that type of creativity is missing from your life. We discuss how we use our side projects to feel creatively fulfilled and share advice for if you have ideas but are unsure of starting a side project alongside your day job.

key takeaways

show timestamps

0:34 – Intro to today’s topic

1:18 – Project catch up

4:18 – Fem’s switch to a side project that aligns better with her career

6:38 – Do our side projects have a positive or negative impact on our jobs?

7:15 – How side projects help you to stand out when applying for jobs

9:10 – Side projects can have a negative impact on your day job if you let them

9:50 – Letting your day job be your whole life

11:00 – Long term side project plans

11:45 – Our listener’s thoughts on if side projects have a positive or negative impact on their jobs

12:20 – Using side projects to improve your skills

14:00 – Separating your side project from your day job and allowing time for both

16:30 – Splitting your energy

17:30 – Using your day job to your advantage

18:50 – Should your side project be in the same industry as your day job?

21:15 – Getting a craving for a certain type of creativity

24:00 – Applying side project skills to your day job

26:00 – Our attitude towards careers

27:00 – Are your side projects just for fun, or for a step on your career path?

30:15 – Advice for people who haven’t started a side project yet

36:30 – Personal growth from side projects

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