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April 6, 2020
181: Getting through a motivation slump

In this week’s episode of Design Life, we have a timely discussion about our motivation while working from home. These are unprecedented times we’re living in. Trying to find and stay motivated while also building a new routine when working from home is a challenge. We discuss our levels of motivation as it changes from day-to-day and why it’s important not to give yourself a hard time if you’re feeling less motivated than usual.

key takeaways

Many of us are re-evaluating our role as designers in this world, as everything feels like it has been turned upside down. It can be difficult to find the motivation to continue with your daily work and tasks if you’re unsure as to how it now fits into the greater picture. Try to reframe your work to see how you are helping others. Your work might not be helping to find a cure, but maybe you are designing something that will help someone to start their own business, or allow them to work from home successfully.

Find joy in the little things. Seeing someone’s face through a screen, making a fresh pot of tea. Try to find a little joy in every day.

Reach out to your coworkers. There is a high chance that they are feeling a similar lack of motivation. Hearing from you will brighten both your day, and theirs.

Look out for the areas in your life where you do feel motivated. Maybe your hobby is one you can do from home, like cooking, and is bringing you a lot of enjoyment right now. Make time for it. Your side projects may fuel you. If you have the energy to create, do it. If you need all your energy to keep the show on the road working on your day job, that is okay too. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel motivated. Try to take one day at a time.

show timestamps

04.12 – Business as usual
09.50 – Reframing your work
13.30  – Side project motivation
19.40 – Boredom as a motivator

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