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April 28, 2020
184: Making design decisions

As designers, we make a lot of decisions. From moving something two pixels to the left to redesigning an entire website, our decisions range in difficulty. Today on Design Life we talk about how we go about making these decisions and how to overcome decision paralysis.

key takeaways

Making a decision can be difficult. You have the expertise and the information to make the best decision for the project but you might still second guess yourself. As a junior or mid-weight designer you might feel it's okay to bring more options to the table. As a senior designer you might decide that it is time to make the decision on your own. This can be a challenging shift.

If you have to make a decision on the best design option for the project, think back to the goal. The best decision from a design perspective, might not be the best solution from an engineering perspective. Remember, you don’t have to implement every piece of feedback.

Consider any research that has been done in the early stages of the project. What did the research say? What is the user thinking about at this stage of the journey? Put yourself in their shoes. This will help you to tap into the insight you need to figure out the best direction for the design.

If you are unsure, seek guidance from your team. Hearing a strong opinion from someone in a position of leadership on your team can help you to make a decision and feel good about it.

Sleep on it. Don’t underestimate how helpful this age old advice can be. You can gain an amazing amount of clarity from leaving your work overnight and coming back to it in the morning. There is no rule that says work must be started and finished on the same day, and there’s no way to rush it either.

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01.26 – Catch up 

05.10 – Working remote right now

07.00 – Making design decisions

16.02 – Reach out to your team

18.50 – Have confidence

24.20 – Reacting to feedback

 29.32 – Sleep on it

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