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May 25, 2020
187: Launching a big project

In this week’s episode of Design Life we’re going to talk about how it feels to launch big projects. At Convertkit, Charli and the team have launched an updated homepage with a new focus, telling creator stories. Meanwhile over at UberEats, Femke and the team have launched an ads manager, giving restaurants the ability to place ads directly in the app. Both launches had their ups and downs, influenced in part by the usual launch day celebrations being postponed for the time being. Listen in as we share our experiences which might help you if you find yourself launching a project soon.

key takeaways

Launch day can be filled with emotion as you prepare to see your hard work released to the world. Schedule time both before and after the launch for any unexpected bugs or problems. Remember that launching something isn’t just about launch day. The work you have designed will be part of the product or site for a long time. In the grand scheme of things, if there are bugs and problems on the first day it does not make your contribution less valuable.

Schedule time both before and after the launch for any unexpected bugs or problems. You may have done user testing before launch day, but consider carrying out user testing to gain feedback after the launch, when your ideal user can see the project or design integrated with the rest of the site. They might have feedback that could be used to streamline the design down the road.

If something is launched at your company and you weren’t a part of it, take the time to congratulate the team that was. It fells nice when someone recognises your work and your achievements. Your comment on the thread announcing the launch with a fun emoji won’t go unnoticed.

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01.04 – Catch up
03.40 – Our projects
08.15 – How does it feel to push the button
17.12 – Feeling scared at launch time
20.12 – Fixing bugs on launch day

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