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June 24, 2020
190: Creating design processes and workflows

Today on the Design Life podcast, we’re talking about processes and design operations. Writing briefs, developing processes and reviewing workflows are all part of the job, but sometimes it can feel like that’s all we do as designers! If your daily to-do list has shifted away from design, it might be time to start delegating. In this episode we discuss how to use your initiative to accelerate your success, when to improve a process and how to delegate effectively.

key takeaways

You will learn a lot about processes on the job. Some of these processes may stay with you from your first job right through your entire career. Others might serve their purpose on a single project or with just one team. As a designer, it is up to you to evaluate the project and use the best processes for the task at hand.

Reflect on the processes you use. Is it working? Is it helping you to be the most effective designer you can be? Don’t wait for the opportunity to reflect with your whole team. You can reflect on your own and make changes to your individual process as you see fit.

Once you have decided on a process, stick to it. Test it out. Tweak where necessary but if you find yourself spending a large portion of your time rewriting processes, speak with your team about why that might be the case. Advocate for yourself.

Look for opportunities to use your initiative. If you’re asking yourself if you should go above and beyond the constraints of your job description to bring value to your company and your team - go for it! This doesn’t mean you should take on too much and burn yourself out. You might use your initiative to identify a problem, but you might not always be the right person to find the solution.

show timestamps

01.06 – Catch up
03.18 – Charli’s income report
06.46 – Processes on an average week
16.00 – Delegating and Initiative
20.44 – That’s not in my job description!

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