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June 29, 2020
191: Attaching self worth to your work

With more people than ever before working from home (WFH) our relationship with our work is changing. We spotted a tweet recently that said instead of working from home we’re living at work, a sentiment we can agree with. If your self worth is attached to your work, now more than ever you might be experiencing feelings of being unworthy, but you are worth more than your work. In this episode we talk honestly about our jobs, side projects and attaching self worth to our work.

key takeaways

If your feelings of self worth are tied to your work at the moment, you’re not alone. Working from home is challenging and if it is new for you, might be leaving you feeling unfulfilled. You might find yourself working longer hours than usual but not having the same sense of achievement at the end of the day or week.

At the moment, we are trying to maintain feelings of connection with other people under difficult circumstances. If you are WFH, work might be giving you a sense of connection. If your side projects are a solitary endeavour, you might not feel motivated to complete them as you seek out ways you can have that feeling of connection with others.

With more time on your hands, and less activities or travel opportunities to fill your time with you might feel unfulfilled outside of your work. One source of fulfilment if you’re used to many can lead to disappointment. Try to find new things, like going for walks in nature, reading or playing a new game on your console, that help you to feel fulfilled.

In general, it isn’t healthy to attach your self worth to your work. No company is worth that. Even if you love your job and the company, if anything were to happen to your job, your self worth is at risk. Your self worth is separate to your job, no matter what your job is. Self worth comes from within.

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06.10 – Measuring your worth with your work
10.24 – The downside
12.56 – How WFH has changed work
26.06 – Today’s takeaway

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