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August 3, 2020
194: The future of AI/ML in design

As artificial intelligence and machine learning begin to impact the design industry in new ways, the future of design may differ from the way we work today. If that is the case, how can you remain relevant as a designer? In today’s episode of Design Life we talk about future proofing your skills to help you establish a long lasting career, by leveraging new technology to boost your creative thinking and using problem solving to develop innovative design solutions.

key takeaways

As technology advances, it opens up the mental bandwidth we have available to fully embrace our creativity and apply this to our design work. Lean into your creativity. That is where you will win out. Use your research and user testing to come up with new ideas. Creative thinking and problem solving are areas of design where your work is truly valuable. Your soft skills are an asset not to be underestimated.

Technology is ever changing. If you’re concerned about the future, think back to what changes you’ve seen since you started your career. How did you implement new technology in your design process? Being able to adapt is a valuable skill.

When you have the chance, learn about design topics you know little about. Seek out information and presentations on unusual topics at online conferences. Learn about the new tools that are being developed. Think about how you will work with these tools and how they will fit into your process in the future.

show timestamps

01.42 – Catch Up
05.14 – The future of our careers
13.19 – Innovation
17.09 – Changs in design

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