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August 11, 2020
195: Working with freelancers

The inspiration for this topic came from Charli’s new series ‘Inside Marketing Design’ where she speaks with marketing designers working with the biggest Tech brands from around the world. A listener noticed a theme that many designers mentioned working with freelancers and we wanted to dive deeper into this topic and share our own experiences and insights of how to establish the freelancer/client relationship and the benefits or possible pitfalls of working with freelancers.

key takeaways

If you want to go about hiring a freelancer but you’re unsure of where to start, look to your network for recommendations. Hiring from your network is great because the likelihood is that the person recommending the freelancer has worked with them in the past. Getting a recommendation from someone you trust helps to build the relationship before it even begins.

Working with freelancers can bring something new to your brand and project. You might not have the skills you need in house, or your team might already be working to capacity. Freelancers bring new ideas and perspectives to the companies they work with. Be open to their ideas for your brand.

If you want to get hired as a freelancer, make your portfolio clear. Allow your expertise in your area to stand out. If you are being hired as a freelancer, you are being hired to bring your experience with a specific kind of project to the table.

Keep working on your network, we cannot say this often enough. Do your network know your area of expertise, would they recommend you if someone they knew was looking for a freelancer? If not, why not. Make sure your network know your experience and area of work so that when the time comes  you are the first person they recommend.

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01.50 – Catch up
05.25 – Hiring freelancers
11.55 – How to stand out from the crowd
15.10 – Freelancing long term
20.20 – The perks of working with a freelancer

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