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April 3, 2016
020: How to push through Creative block

Creative block is scary. It’s something that every creative goes through, and it’s something that tends to sneak up on you. In this episode we discuss how for us creative block feels overwhelming and suffocating, and can hit at various points in a project. Our strategies for dealing with it vary depending on the time pressure we’re under, but we’ll give you some tips to try out next time creative block strikes for you. No matter how you get through it, creative block is something you have to push through. You can’t let it win.

key takeaways

show timestamps

0:45 – Intro & catch up

6:05 – What does creative block feel like?

7:40 – Having too many ideas and the struggle of coming up with ideas that are unique

9:15 – Imposter syndrome and creative block

11:30 – Can creative block be avoided?

12:45 – Why creative block isn’t something designers like to talk about

14:40 – Overcoming creative block by pushing through

16:30 – Trusting your gut

17:15 – Analysing the problem to work through it

18:55 – Different levels of creative block

20:20 – Creative block and side projects

24:30 – Deadlines and time pressures

25:05 – Our listener’s thoughts on getting over creative block

27:10 – Clearing your mind

28:05 – Finding inspiration

30:30 – Getting help and feedback from someone else

32:10 – Working out what method of getting over creative block is best for you

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