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October 12, 2020
202: Charli gets a promotion!

In this episode of Design Life we discuss something really exciting - Charli’s recent promotion to Creative Director at Convertkit! Taking on a new role in any company is an exciting time with lots of opportunities to learn and develop your skills but taking on a newly developed role in your current company has its own set of challenges and rewards. We talk about what a Creative Director does, leading a team and up-skilling for a new role.

key takeaways

As creative director, there is some overlap between Charli’s old role and her new role. She is still responsible for the overall look and feel of the brand, just as she was as design lead, but now she is also responsible for business metrics like brand awareness, running strategic projects, coming up with brand strategy and leading the brand team.

Make your manager aware of your goals. This might open up options you couldn’t have even imagined. The leadership team at Convertkit knew Charli’s goals which helped in the creation of this new role.

Seek out courses and mentors to help guide you as you take on a new role. Acknowledge that you need to learn new skills in order to do a good job. Taking the time to up-skill will help you begin your new role with confidence.

Nervous to step away from a job that comes with the title ‘designer’? Taking on a new role outside of design can be daunting, but it doesn’t make you any less of a designer. You will use your communication and problem solving skills in your new role, just as you did as a designer.

show timestamps

01.20 – Catch up
04.28 – Charli’s promotion
09.11 – What is a Creative Director
14.06 – Learning to manage a team
17.02 – Expectations in the new role
23.50 – What next?!

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