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October 19, 2020
203: Running a design-focused Instagram

If you listened to our last episode you might have heard that Femke recently launched @femkedotdesign, an online space that focuses solely on design and separates the personal from the professional, in other words - a design-focused Instagram account! We chat about using Instagram as an educational platform, the benefits of a new, dedicated space for follower’s questions and what you should consider before launching a design-focused Instagram account.

key takeaways

If you want to create an Instagram account that has a specific theme, do your research. Look at similar accounts and see what content they post, how often and what hashtags they use. Remember that this is your account and should reflect your style and personality, use the information you gain from your research as a starting point to go further and create something unique.

Create a balance of personal and design focused posts and content. Share the design related books and videos you’re watching, along with posts relating to design and your work. This will help your followers to get to know you. Take full advantage of all the ways you can post to Instagram, use stories, reels and IGTV to publish your content.

Spend some time thinking about how you would like to launch your Instagram, especially if it is taking over as a public space separate to your personal account. Hype up your new account. Share with the followers on your personal page that a new account is on the way.

Prepare your posts in advance of the launch. Have a couple of posts ready so you’re not launching a blank page, four or five posts will give new followers something to look at and engage with straight away. Put a plan in place with what you will publish once your account has been launched. Consider hiring a freelancer to help you develop a consistent brand and strategy for your new account.

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03.03 – Why set up a design-focused Instagram account 

09.40 – Building a process for publishing content

13.50 – Things to avoid when establishing your account

20.20 – Tips for starting your own design-focused Instagram account

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