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November 16, 2020
205: How designers could use Facebook ads to get clients

On today’s episode of Design Life we are joined by a special guest, Mojca Žove, owner of Super Spicy Media and social media advertising expert. During our conversation, Mojca very generously shared her expertise, teaching us both a lot about how to make the most of social media advertising and changing our feelings about using social media to advertise from creepy to curious. We chat about how to use social media advertising to get in front of clients as a designer, to drive traffic to your site and to remind people of your products that they’ve previously considered buying. There is lots of insight to be gained from our discussion with Mojca, including actionable steps to take, whether you want to start using social media advertising today, or in three months time.

key takeaways

Build a relationship with your potential customers and clients that is based on trust. Promote your teaching content or something that is potentially valuable to your client or customer as a way to begin. Share your knowledge with your potential clients for free. Show how the knowledge you are sharing has had an impact in the past and how you can bring value to them.

Add a Facebook pixel to your website today, to collect the data you might want to use three months down the line. Grow your email newsletter through directing traffic to your site using advertising. Use ads to promote a piece of content rather than your sales pitch.

Why not change the way you see Facebook advertising so that instead of forcing your product or services on potential customers, instead you’re reminding your customer of something they might like. You’re using social media advertising to target the people who want to see what you have to offer. Remember that when you post something to your audience they are people who have chosen to follow you.

A good ad is one that uses natural language to connect with the end customer.Use your ad to tell a story, make it specific to your target audience. All of your marketing works hand in hand so no matter how big or small your following make sure that your website has the message you want to share.

show timestamps

01.18 – Why facebook ads?
03.22 – How to use facebook ads to get in front of clients as a designer
10.06 – The nitty gritty of getting started
14.21 – Targeting the right audience
21.04 – Using Facebook ads as a content creator
25.30 – Case study
29.30 – Our designer’s advantage
30.48 – Does your following impact your success?
34.40 – Facing criticism online
38.05 – What makes a good ad

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