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April 11, 2016
021: Overcoming lack of motivation

Motivation is vital to working on side projects, and a positive mindset is key to staying motivated. In this episode we discuss how these things work together for us, and the external factors that drive us to keep hustling even when the going gets tough. You’ll also hear about the things that have a negative effect on our motivation and how we get it back when it lapses. Motivation is something that has to come from within yourself and in this episode you’ll get tips for how to find it.

key takeaways

show timestamps

0:27 – Intro and an email from our listener Michael

1:26 – Project catch up

4:20 – A break in routine

4:38 – You can’t be 100% motivated 100% of the time

5:30 – You can’t use lack of motivation as an excuse

6:00 – Motivation comes down to your mindset

7:05 – Being motivated by particular goals. What do you do when you achieve them?

8:50 – What motivates us?

15:55 – The things that have a negative effect on our motivation levels

18:15 – Giving up, pushing through or changing track

18:50 – Our listeners motivation & the things that break it

22:35 – What we do when we’re lacking motivation

24:50 – Just starting can motivate you continue

25:20 – What our listeners do to get motivation back

28:30 – The worst feeling for a creative

30:30 – Motivation needs to be something that comes from within yourself. Don’t rely on other people for your drive.

32:05 – Different levels of lack of motivation

33:40 – Story time with Charli (about getting into her groove)

38:00 – Wrap up

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