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February 2, 2021
213: Balancing work and side projects

How do we balance our side projects and our full time jobs? This is a question we get asked a lot! The thing is, time gets filled up very easily. You’ll never find the time unless you are purposeful about how you spend it. Today on Design Life we discuss how working from home, taking on more responsibility in our day jobs and having shorter blocks of time in which to get work done has made us change our priorities and find balance in new ways.

key takeaways

Working from home has changed our side project routines. Taking away the twice daily commute has given us back a chunk of time that can now be used to work on side projects. Even though we don’t know how long we will be working from home, it was important to create a routine that works for now.

When and how we work on our side hustles around our full time jobs has changed a lot since we began our careers. When we started out, early mornings were the best time but now we spend some time at the weekend on side hustles, with one hour each day during the week used to tackle less time consuming tasks.

When you have shorter blocks of time to do side hustle work in, it can be difficult to move forward in leaps and bounds. Ask yourself can you accomplish one small task every day? Break down your process for creating into the smallest chunks possible. You’re going to find long chunks of time are very difficult to come by, and every tasks ticked off the to-do list counts.

A monthly focus might help you to achieve more. Try prioritising one project over all the others to achieve further progress in a different area each month. Consider what tasks in other areas are less important and could possibly be delayed by a couple of days if needs be.

What systems can you put in place that will reduce your decision fatigue? Put a system in place for recurring tasks, like an email template for sending invoices or a newsletter template for your weekly update. You might surprise yourself with how much time that frees up.

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04.26 – Balancing WFH and side projects

11.15 – Task hierarchy

18.45 – Saying no

21.20 – Monthly focus

27.45 – Prioritising time for yourself

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