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February 8, 2021
214: Our daily routine

How has your daily routine changed over the past year? Working from home has meant our daily routines have adapted so that we start a little later, spend more time on our morning routines and get more from our day as a result. Today on Design Life we chat all about our daily routines and really break down how we structure our day.

key takeaways

Create your ideal morning routine. Your morning routine is made up of the ingredients that go into a good day. Beginning every day with your morning routine, or as often as you can will set you up for success. Think about the days you didn’t follow your morning routine, did you regret it?

Trial and error is involved in developing your daily routine. You might listen to our routines and be inspired to add something new into yours, but remember your routine has to work for you. Include the things that benefit you or that you enjoy.

Lunch, meetings and focus time make up the majority of our work day. We’ve recently started incorporating some meditation or yoga at the close of our day to help us end the work day and begin the evening. Giving yourself some time to create a fresh headspace will help you to enjoy your evening more.

Try a screen free evening activity, even just one day a week. Light a candle, play some nice music and enjoy a puzzle, word search, book, or craft away from a screen.

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00.51 – Catch up

03.23 – Our daily routines

09.45 – How important is a morning routine?

11.40 – Routines ebb and flow

12.34 – The middle of the day

17.00 – Evening routine

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