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March 15, 2021
216: Taking ownership of your career growth

Today on Design Life we discuss taking ownership of your career growth. Pursuing your dream career takes courage but the risk is worth the reward. In this episode we answer a question from a listener about how to discuss career growth with your manager as a junior designer and also as a woman. We share the times that we have succeeded, and failed, at taking that leap in our own careers and what we have learned along the way.

key takeaways

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of asking for a growth plan, make a list of topics you would like to cover in one-to-one meetings with your manager and approach them with that. This will help to show that you have a clear goal that you have already considered and that you value their time and help.

Are you in a managerial role? Ask your employees if they want one-to-one support. Management have a responsibility to nurture the employees who report to them. Employees and coworkers who feel supported will be happier and more productive members of staff, sounds like a win-win!

If you’re not sure what to ask your manager for support with, consider what role you want to have in a years time and what skills you want to have learned. They might be aware of upcoming projects that will help you achieve these goals.

A big part of seeking out a growth plan is having the confidence to do so. Believe in yourself and in your work. Your ambition is a positive thing and your manager should celebrate the initiative you have shown in seeking out a plan.

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01.52 – Check in

05.20 – Taking ownership of your career growth

14.00 – Try on a different perspective

24.50 – Keep communication flowing

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