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March 22, 2021
217: Why you should share your work

This week on Design Life we talk about how to start sharing your work so you can enjoy the benefits of working in public along with some prompts to help you begin.

key takeaways

If you have signed an NDA, it can be difficult to share your work. You might feel you can’t prove that you are a good designer without having the work to show it, but there are lots of ways you can share your work without sharing your actual project. Sharing your work isn’t just about growing a personal following, it can also be about giving back to the design community.

Do you think you don’t have anything to share? Can you pull out one tool or something you learned how to do in a recent project to share with your community. Focus on the technique or the skill rather than the output. Think about what has saved you time or made your workflow more efficient.

You might feel like there isn’t anything special or worth sharing about your work but you would be so surprised at how many people are interested in the seemingly mundane things. Don’t think you have to have the most polished project in order to share it. It doesn’t have to be a grand reveal to be valuable.

show timestamps

01.36 – Catch up

06.00 – Why designers should share their work

10.26 – Sharing your work within constraints

18.10 – Prompts to use

25.25 – What we've learned from sharing our work

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