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April 6, 2021
218: Become a manager or stay an IC?

Is becoming a manager the next step in your career? How can you figure out if being a manager will be a good fit for you? In today’s episode we discuss why a move into management isn't the best course of action for every designer and what to consider before making the leap.

key takeaways

Management is often seen as the next step in a designer’s career, but rather than a move up the ladder, it is really a parallel step onto a new ladder. Management isn’t the only way to grow in your career. Think carefully about whether you want to stop doing many of the things that you love about your job to make more time for managing people.

Managing people is a skill of its own. You don’t necessarily need to be a good designer to be able to be a great manager. Coaching people, helping them to figure out the next best step and managing your team through difficult times with care and compassion are the skills that make a good manager.

Leadership alone is not a reason to become a manager. You can lead even if you’re not a manager. You can share your ideas, you can mentor other designers, you can share your skills - all of these things make you a leader.

How do you measure success as a manager? It can be difficult. You’re not actively pushing pixels and producing projects. As a manager your team’s success if your success. When your team is winning, so are you.

show timestamps

01.10 – Catch up

05.00 – Being a manager

13.15 – What appeals about management

19.09 – Making a transition to keep growing

22.00 – The next step

23.36 – What next after management

27.42 – Manager's struggles

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