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April 13, 2021
219: Daily themes to get more work done

Do you use daily themes to help get more work done? Today we chat about the challenges and benefits of implementing daily themes to organise your schedule in a new role or to give your current schedule a productivity boost.

key takeaways

Use daily themes to allocate a dedicated time and space to get tasks done and off your to-do list. You might think the goal of this system is to only do one type of work each day but ultimately the goal is to be more productive.

To start with daily themes - take each day of the week and give it a different focus. Think about what recurring things happen daily or weekly in your job that you also need to factor in.

For Charli, Monday is an administration and planning day. Tuesday and Friday are days dedicated to creating. At Convertkit there are no recurring meetings on these days which makes it a lot easier to dedicate these two days to creating. Wednesdays are a strategy day for research, growth meetings and recording the podcast. Thursday is a day totally dedicated to meetings, one-on-ones with the team and whole team meetings.

No system is foolproof, other stuff is always going to crop up. Using daily themes allows you to schedule everything in but you still need to leave margin for the unexpected.

If having a theme for each day isn’t possible because of other commitments within the company, consider implementing themed focus blocks a couple of times a week.

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01.18 – Check in

07.04 – A month of daily themes

15.36 – Interruptions in the schedule

19.07 – Respect other people’s focus times

28.25 – Communicating with your team

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