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April 18, 2016
022: Long term thinking and planning

We always want to be moving forward and progressing towards our goals. In this episode we discuss long term thinking and the importance of setting goals for your future. It can be hard to plan the exact steps to take to reach a goal set for five or ten years time, because life happens and your wants and needs may change. But having long term goals means you’ll be able to make decisions now in the present that align to them in order to keep you on the right track. Listen in to hear about our goals and our advice for getting into a long term mindset.

key takeaways

show timestamps

0:00 – Intro and catch up

5:00 – How important is it to set goals and think long term?

7:30 – Five/ten year plans

8:45 – The difficulty of planning when you don’t know what you’ll want in ten years time

11:45 – Always moving forwards and never getting comfortable

12:20 – Our big goals and how we make small decisions that align to them

20:50 – How far ahead do we actually plan?

27:05 – Our listener’s thoughts on long term thinking

30:00 – Being open to detours from a 5 year plan

31:45 – Advice for planning further than a year ahead

32:30 – Being focussed more on the past or the present

34:20 – Last pieces of advice

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