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April 19, 2021
220: The relationship between design and product

Today on Design Life we tackle a listener question on a topic we haven’t gone in depth on before - how to work with PMs, POs and other stakeholders. Not familiar with these titles? Don’t worry! Listen as we dive deep into how to make the most of the relationship between product and design so you can make your best work.

key takeaways

Different companies have different terms for different roles, so don’t beat yourself up if today is the first time you have heard some of these titles. PM = project manager, PO = project owner.

Product managers will often come to designers with a problem or a goal, maybe some ideas or suggestions of a solution, but the designer’s job is to come in and help turn the problems into an effective solution within the product. This is where the relationship between product and design can really thrive as there is room for collaboration within the problem solving process.

If you’re a product designer in a tech company befriend your product manager, and vice versa! Building a genuine relationship will help you to achieve better solutions in your work.

show timestamps

01.30 – Check in

05.10 – PMs and POs

06.06 – Who we work with on a day to day basis

14.45 – Working within different models

18.14 – Working with non designers/PMs/POs

26.40 – Cycle themes

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