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May 3, 2021
221: Building design team culture

Today on Design Life we chat about building design team culture. A strong culture can help your team to have more impact in your company. Building design team culture improves how you get the work done and how you operate as a team, it can also make your team a more enjoyable place to work. We also discuss how Charli's approach to team building has changed since she became a manager.

key takeaways

Some people see team building and culture as an extra layer to your role but it is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to helping the people in your team to have a sense of belonging. Team building is just as important as the actual work you’re doing.

Like it or not, we bring our personal lives to work too so it is important to give space to that. Consider how you can develop a check-in system that fits with your team and company values. The Red Yellow Green status update works for the teams at Convertkit.

Organising team building can be time consuming. Don’t rely on your manager to come up with ideas, encourage your team to brainstorm and make their own suggestions.

At its core, team building is an experience that the whole team shares. Whether that be virtually, remotely or in-person, it can be done. What makes it special is that it is not easily repeatable and is not part of the daily process of completing work.

Team culture is always changing. Every person that joins the team, adds to the culture of the team in their own unique way. Creating opportunities for team building helps new people to feel welcome, fosters a sense of belonging and encourages everyone to embrace the change in culture that new team members bring.

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06.00 – Team building

08.40 – Convertkit team retreats

16.42 – Turning insights into action

22.30 – Encourage ideas from the team

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