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May 31, 2021
225: Finding your why

Do you know your ‘why’, the thing that fuels you in your professional and personal life? You might have heard of Simon Sinek’s book ‘Finding your why’ which is the inspiration behind today’s episode of Design Life, we discuss how to apply this framework to your career and the impact knowing your ‘why’ can have on your design career and beyond.

key takeaways

To help you find your why, think about key moments in your career that were pivotal in sending you in a certain direction, or that changed the course you were on completely. Look for the common themes, what were your goals at that time and how did the change or chance you took help you to get closer to your goals.

Knowing your ‘why’ can help you to make a change and also to know when an opportunity isn’t right for you.

Figuring out your ‘why’ is probably not something that you will sit down and accomplish in one session. Take your time with it, your ‘why’ isn’t going anywhere.

Your ‘why’ can change over time. You might find you have a different ‘why’ for your day job, your career, your side projects and your personal values.

show timestamps

02.55 – What is your why?

05.06 – Finding your why

10.55 – A different why for a different part of life

13.10 – The ‘start with why’ framework

20.08 – The opposite of your ‘why’

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