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June 21, 2021
228: Ways to keep learning and growing

As a designer, your skillset is always growing and there is always more to learn. In this episode of Design Life we share how we find new opportunities to learn and what we’re learning next.

key takeaways

Make sure your manager is aware of the skills you are trying to learn and develop, so that they can help you to identify opportunities to progress.

If you don’t have a senior designer to look to for support, look outside your company. Find resources on the internet, watch videos about different topics in your field and read books.

Create an environment that encourages learning. Curate your online presence to include designers, engineers and other relevant accounts so that every time you take a 10 minute break and check social media, there is potential for you to come across new information.

Remember to learn from the people around you who aren’t designers. The other people in your company have valuable skills and knowledge to share.

show timestamps

03.24 – Learning and growing

07.00 – How we learn

13.20 – Learning on the side

17.44 – Make the time

21.30 – Learning from others

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