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June 29, 2021
229: Side hustle income streams

Today on Design Life we discuss our side hustle income stream growth from the past twelve months and the investment we make into content creation to fuel our personal brands.

key takeaways

Our advice to other designers looking to earn money from their side hustles - allow things to develop naturally if you can. We both make content because we enjoy it, not to squeeze an income out of our audience.

Think about earning money from your content as a way to reinvest in creating more content, and content that in itself doesn’t earn money. Consider how you might invest in content creation to fuel your work and reach more people.

Keep your income streams relevant to your audience. Vet your opportunities, make sure you believe in what you’re promoting. It can be easy to say yes early on to things that look good but aren’t the right fit for your audience. Promoting products that aren’t relevant to your audience can damage your reputation in the long term.

show timestamps

01.40 – Check in

05.20 – Earning money from side hustles

11.12 – What impacted the growth of our side hustle income

12.52 – Our expenses

15.18 – What surprised us the most

22.02 – Managing multiple income streams

26.50 – Affiliate income

30.36 – Our advice to other designers

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