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November 8, 2021
231: Why Femke left Uber

After 4 years at Uber, Femke has recently started a new job at Wealthsimple. In this episode of Design Life we chat about how to figure out when is the right time to start a new job, making and maintaining contacts and negotiating good terms.

key takeaways

When you are looking for a new job, timing can be a big factor. If you are well established, with a substantial amount of time behind you at your current company, there might be projects that you want to see through to completion. Be honest with prospective employers as delays can come from both sides.

Take the meeting, have the coffee. Build new and promising connections, even if you’re not looking for a new job right now. You never know when having that introduction will prove to be useful.

It is natural to feel out of place when starting a new job, and doubt whether it is the right step for you. Consider your goals, how does your new role align with them and remember that your new company see potential in you and think you will be a good fit for them - they wouldn’t hire you otherwise!

Joining a new company might give you the chance to influence the culture and processes in ways you didn’t have the opportunity to in your previous role. This could add an exciting new challenge to your work.

show timestamps

00.55 – Catch up

04.35 – Femke’s new job

10.50 – Considering changes to company benefits

18.35 – Starting a new job

24.20 – Figuring out which company is the next right move

27.55 – Comparing roles

30.10 – The interview process

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