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November 23, 2021
233: Increasing the pace of your design

Today we’re talking about pace. The more experience we have, the quicker and more efficient we become. We chat about why this happens and how to increase pace without sacrificing quality.

key takeaways

Early on in your career you might feel that all of your ideas have to be perfect (or at least good), as time goes by you might feel more confident in suggesting unrefined ideas. You also get better at letting ideas go which helps with pace.

As your knowledge of your area of expertise grows, you can make decisions faster.

Detaching your value from the quality of your work is an important part of increasing your pace. Your worth as a person is not dependent on your productivity.

Remember, the goal is efficiency over speed. There might be times when you do have to prioritise speed. If you have the flexibility, consider changing the scope so that you can launch with a scaled back MVP and add additional features later.

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02.45 – Catch up

06.14 – How our pace improved as our career progressed

09.08 – The fastest parts of the design process

15.56 – Sacrificing current pace for future pace

18.34 – Should we aim to get faster?

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