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December 6, 2021
235: How does where you live impact you as a designer?

How does where you live impact you as a designer? On this episode of Design Life we chat about where we have felt most inspired and most welcome by the design community.

key takeaways

The pandemic has also played a role in impacting how we feel about where we live. Access to meet ups, conferences and a strong design community are important to us as designers but with an increase in events online, community is accessible from anywhere. How we feel about where we live and its proximity to strong design communities might change again in the future as in person events are feasible again.

Company style, rather than location, has a large role to play in influencing design style. Working for a company that appeals to a global audience influences your style as a designer in a different way than working on a smaller scale does.

For maximum productivity the timezone you’re in and the timezone the company operates in need to suit both you and your colleagues. Working in Spain and having evening meetings to suit a US based company like Convertkit works, because the lifestyle and culture in Spain allows for later meals, events and evenings out.

show timestamps

06.28 – How where we live impacts us as people

15.10 – Adapting to a new timezone

16.50 – Where have we been most inspired?

21.00 – How location influences design style

28.26 – What about weather?

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